Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deep Water Blues

I had mentioned in a comment that there is one of my paintings that to me looks quite aggressive for my liking. This one isn't it, I still have to bring that one back from the Institute to take pictures of it.

The show will be on May 2nd and I have quite a few now, so I will work on varnishing, framing and signing them. After this show I would like to try a series of abstracts with a lot more glazing, very few shapes but quite a bit more texture. I have also been trying my hand on wc paper using watercolors, inks and different texturing effects. There is so much I would love to do, but just not enough time.


Billie Crain said...

i've never seen you use cool colors before, Mary! i love the blues and greens. you definitely achieved an underwater 'feel'. the dashes of yellow make me think of those brilliantly colored tropical fish darting through the depths.

Mary said...

Thank you Billie for seeing the deep water in this. The next ones also have a different palette that I had not really used much before. It is funny how odd you feel when using different colors.:)


WHOA Mary!
I only just now discovered this blog of your abstract work. Struggling NO MORE,,,they are fabulous! Take a bow, friend!
Something extra special in each one, yes there is. I especially love the first one you posted,,,,couldn't say why exactly,,,,,something about the lower part,,,,but they're all great!

Mary said...

Thank Babs for seeing these. I am excited with the abstract work and am trying to eperience different formats that always makes this journey so esciting.

Mary said...

OOps sorry for the spelling of exciting.