Thursday, May 22, 2008

Landscape or what?

I painted this one with the idea of an abstracted mountain landscape with a lake in front, from my imagination, but I had it leaning vertically at the Institute and the director mentioned liking it that way better. I still don't know how I will hang it or sign it. The format is interesting but needs a very special place. Oil on canvas 12X59 inches


Billie Crain said...

my goodness, Mary. this one works either way! vertically it looks like some wild tropical tree, horizontally it looks like what you intended in the first place. go with your instincts on this decision. it's your painting.

Shayla said...

Gorgeous! Love your brushwork and colors. The horizontal piece does look wetter, like water. The vertical feels like an emotion to me.
Either way...

Mary said...

Thank you Billie! I ahve another one very similar that I will post in a few days so maybe it all depends on how they both look together.

Shayla, that is interesting about it looking wetter, thank you for seeing that and I agree, vertical it reminds me of Pompas grass.


HI Mary,
I think Blogger is up to some mischief,,,I know I already commented on this.
Anyway,,,,,I love both presentations,,,the vertical would require a special spot, but it's awesome.
The landscape is gorgeous,,and these colors are among my favorite. Really nice abstract work Mary!