Saturday, December 20, 2008

A touch of seriousness


On the Edge

I really never though I'd like to paint something grey but it is a good exercise , at times I am attracted to these and others not. I guess color attraction definitely has to do with moods and feelings at the moment they are painted, or viewed.


Gallery Juana said...

I definitely agree that the color I use depends on my mood. And when viewing a painting, it is just as important.

I really like the first one with the touch of red. I can't believe that I just discovered this blog of yours.

~Babs said...

Hi Mary!
So good to see you posting these wonderful abstracts again!
Bright colors or grays,,,I always love what you do!

Shayla said...

Mary, I love the way these turned out. So much movement!

Mary said...

Thank you Juana, Babs and Shaila for the very nice comments on my abstract work, it gives me an incentive to keep on going with abstracts.

C. Robin Janning said...

Merry Christmas, Mary! I started over at your other blog and then came here. I can't remember if I've been here before, but oh my goodness I LOVE your abstracts. I hope you do more and more and more, as I will be visiting regularly.

I wish you a wonderful new year.


Mary said...

Robin, thank you so much for your vist and comment. You know you are one of my favorite abstract artists. :)

bob cornelis said...

Beautiful abstracts! I particularly love these 2. Working with primarily neutral colors with accents of color makes a strong statement and is harder than it looks to pull off! Nicely done.

I'm another new visitor but will follow your postings with interest.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hello Mary:

These pieces are very powerful indeed. I agree with Bob, neutrals are challenging. I am attracted to the movement in both of these. I will look forward to your 2009 works.!

José Brito said...

Dear Mary,

I hope that everything is fine with you.
Thanks a lot for the countless comments and demonstration of affection that have sent by the blog or e-mail.

In my work i get newspapers pages and i work on them.
By the collage, manipulation and intervention with newspapers clippings, explore this artist technique to read again and to represent the contemporary world.
This boarding places many theoric questions about the graphic/image composition (the graphic spots) while regist and mean of expression, the origin and historic development of the clipping and collage technique, the collage in modern e contemporary art history, the use of photographic images by the visual communication and by the advertising and, especially, about the feelings that a visual message should and can produce, among the others.

I don’t know if i have been explicit but, i will have all the pleasure discuss this questions, i’m always available to any question.
I use to reveal all my admiration and affection for your work exposed in blog.

Yours, José Brito

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Mary
I love these works! the sketchy strokes are very interesting! namaste Elis