Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naica Crystal Caves

I have not been able to post any abastract work on this blog, because I have been working on a realistic charcoal, and these usually take me quite a while. I am also taking a live figure class at our new Art Center that I hope will help me be a little more creative with my abstract work. In the meantime I would love to share this incredible film about the caves in the Naica mountains, in the northwestern state of Chihuahua, Mexico. The website is also very interesting to read and I understand this project was started in 2006. I keep going over and over this film and can't help wondering how many other gorgeous sites are under our feet waiting to be discovered.

Naica Crystal Caves


~Babs said...

Hi Mary, I thought I'd left my comment here, but I guess I went straight to the video and forgot!
It is fascinating,,,and of course I had no knowledge of it.
PAINT IT! The abstract,,,the feel of it.

naaz said...

Hi Mary, I'm here in NM today, Sept 7 & I want 2 go to this cave - I know I can't go inside but I wanted to go to the site. Do U have any info about the directions to get there since U are located in NewMexico or have U been there?? Please let me know cause I would like to visit there tomorrow before I leave. We are going to Carlsbad caves tomorrow. Thank, Naaz

Mary said...

Hi naaz, these caves are in old Mexico in the state of Chihuahua and although New Mexico is just across the border from this Mexican state they might not be that easy to get to. I have not been there, it was my son and husband that went to the mine but not to the caves. I'm sure that googling Naica will give the exact position of these.